Company Overview

About Us

The founders of Aegis Secure have been building bespoke Ultra-Secure Mobile™ devices since 2014 for a discriminating set of customers in the public and private sectors. With that practical, industry leading experience building real products for the Ultra-Secure Mobility™ market, it became a logical extension of our current efforts to take the lessons from those bespoke projects and use them to develop products that we could commercialize and make available to the global marketplace. That follow-on effort has resulted in the creation of Aegis Secure, Inc., the only company in world with the expertise, experience, and technology to offer a full suite of Ultra-Secure Mobile™ commercial products.

The Solution

The Aegis Secure Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product offer relies on four key pillars that build on a combination of the following: 1) high assurance, certified security; 2) end-user defined privacy; 3) the ability to block the use of unauthorized tracking systems; and 4) a top-notch user experience.   Plus, at Aegis Secure we ensure that our products are delivered on a commercial device that allows for both the obfuscation of the capabilities embedded and a reasonable price point.

Aegis Secure focuses on securing the kernel, data, and network as the baseline to our approach.  By using a foundational approach that leverages type-1 virtualization, assured through formal methods, Aegis Secure builds in a defense-in-depth resilience that includes an architecture that is layered, isolated, and modular.  This approach also allows Aegis Secure to extend to further isolate specific applications, operating systems, or services to further our objective of a true commercial Ultra-Secure Mobility™ product. 

It is our view that our approach is the most robust and cost-effective method of delivering products that meet the demand of the Ultra-Secure Mobility™ market.

The demand for the products from Aegis Secure is huge.   While once limited government agencies, aerospace and defense – this new and robust demand is being driven by the enterprise market that is now demanding this same level of security.

The Aegis Secure Team

Aegis Secure is a mature, experience company that has been Ultra-Secure Products to the marketplace by leveraging our expertise in understanding our customers needs and delivering products to ensure the safety and security of our customers. This is where cybersecurity intersects with protical products to harden their organization.


Culture & People

We are a company of builders, leaders, owners — who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to innovation on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience.

Carl L. Nerup

Carl L. Nerup

CEO & Founder

"It has always been about the people and at Aegis that is my first priority to ensuring that we (together) work to help make the world safer and more secure one device at a time."
Jason Sebranek

Jason Sebranek

CTO & Founder

"The need for secure mobility solutions is at an all-time high - in government, commercial industry, and even consumer spaces. Aegis Secure is dedicated to providing advanced solutions leveraging type-1 virtualization and formal methods to meet the challenge head on."
Laura McCann-Nerup

Laura McCann-Nerup

Vice President & Founder, Finance & HR

"Discipline is core to my approach to my life and work. As an advocate for women to drive to achieve both equality and work/ life balance in the workplace, I strive everyday to help others succeed."